How to Get More Writing Work Done Faster

I have been using the big company’s word processor for years before I switched to an open source one. I just write and need to make documents and set up the occasional format for writing short stories or a novel. Most of the writing I do is web content that gets published as soon as it is edited. I like to run with an idea by putting down whatever comes to mind in a quick manner. Then I like to go back and edit it. I use Write! a lot now. I like it because it is not distracting. So much of the other software is setup to pointing out errors as you go along and fixing things while you are writing. That can seriously interrupt workflow.

If you are a writer, you know that an idea can come fast. You also know that your interest can change, your mood can alter or your environment might change making the fast thoughts fade quickly. Maybe you wanted to log a couple thousand words of your novel while the kids were at school on your day off. You want to get the words out fast and edit later. You should never write and edit at the same time. There is plenty of time to go back and fix the grammar, spelling and punctuation. The first draft is called a rough draft for a reason. It is to get all the ideas down on paper. Well, done in bits and bytes if you are using a word processor.

A long time ago I used a legal pad and felt pens to write. I would put the words down as fast as my hand could write. There was no editing using that method. You just would write, write write. It was fun and not distracting, but it was a little slower than typing. A lot slower actually. Plus, my hand would get tired writing.

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